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“You were truly a great blessing to me and my family as we listened and saw how much you were on fire for the Lord! May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry in Him!

We were so blessed to have Mark and Dan Witt minister at our Sportsman’s Banquet. Their program was well prepared, interesting, and Biblical sound catching and keeping the interest of both men & boys.

We appreciated their friendliness and interaction among the people, willingness to work with us, and above all their passion and desire to see men come to Christ. We recommend them to you for a great evening of evangelism.”

Pastor Larry Thomas, SNMBC

South New Milford Baptist Church

New Milford, PA 


“Mark and Dan have a unique ministry, in the fact Mark has the heart of an evangelist and connects very well with those who have not accepted Christ yet.  Dan, on the other hand connects very well to those who are struggling in their relationship w/God and need to yield to Christ’s Lordship.  While I have heard their story many times, each time I have been touched and their story continues to draw me in.  I highly recommend them.  While their message and story especially connects with Sportsman, I have seen them minister to a wide range and age of individuals.  We had them speak on Sunday morning, in a High School, to College and Career students, at an archery event and at our Sportsman’s Dinner and each time God moved, speaking to lives.  Nearly 1 in 6 gave their lives to Christ and many more made a re-commitment decision.  I can not recommend them more highly.”

Pastor Lennie Fahnestock

Vineland Missionary Church


“When people ask me about how things went at the Big Game Dinner in Meyersdale on January 15, I reply, ‘How much time do you have?’

Listening to Dean Hillegas report on this outreach year after year made me realize that it was a special effort that was worthy of careful and prayerful planning. Now that I’ve been to the event I understand his enthusiasm.

Was it well organized? Yes, indeed! Was it well attended, even though the Steelers were playing? For sure! Was the food plentiful? You know the answer to that. Was the purpose behind this gathering accomplished? There is no question about that.

This letter comes to you both with a BIG THANK YOU.  Thank you, Dan, for being transparent about the evolution of your passion to hunt, developing into an obsession and finally turning into ministry for Christ. Thank you, Mark, for making the Gospel clear – very clear. You both did that Saturday night and also Sunday morning.

On our way home to Columbus on Sunday afternoon, we were praising the Lord for the encouragement that the weekend had been to our hearts. Thank you for your ministry to us. What a way to live – under His authority and for His glory! Keep on keeping on.”

Bill and Jeanie Snell


Mark and Dan visited our church recently way up in Northern Minnesota and shared a powerful story of how God has been working in and through their lives since the hunting accident of their father. It was a powerful service as they both brought in the message of Christ in a powerful way that challenged many non-believers into a personal relationship with Christ. Their straightforward message also had many of our people in the church rededicating their life to Christ. I highly recommend these two men and their ministry especially if you are a church with a vision for outreach and evangelism within your community. The message is powerful and straightforward presented and supported by scriptural truth with love at the very core.

John Rister
Senior Pastor
Backus Nazarene Church



Dear Mark and Dan,

On behalf of our Game Feast organization committee, and others at Living Hope Community Church, we thank you for sharing the weekend of March 24th and 25th with us as the featured speakers for our annual Game Feast.

This event was our 10th game feast, and we almost doubled our normal attendance with about 350 men, women and children being at this event, which is one of our church’s major outreaches to our community. We believe the growth in the attendance in a large part was due to the publicity of your family’s story in Field and Stream magazine.

It was a great time for both the hunting and non-hunting families in our community, and we believe of 50% of the people that attended the event were not associated with our church or other Bible believing churches in the area.

Dan, we appreciate the way you introduced the audience to your family, and sensitively shared the story of the traumatic event on December 14, 1974 that resulted in your father’s death that changed your family forever. It was amazing how Mark then spoke, in a very dynamic way, to tell us some of the many ways to harvest a deer, but then quickly and skillfully shifted into the mode of telling the reality of the “one way only to get to heaven” Gospel message.

The two of you may not have noticed the silence in the gymnasium, and some of the sobbing above that silence, as you wrapped up with the prayer giving people an opportunity to accept Christ as savior. I noticed many men, women and children with tears running down their faces. To say we sensed the Holy Spirit’s presence working in people’s hearts would be an understatement.

Over 25 people checked their cards to indicate they had either received Christ as savior, or had rededicated their lives to Him. We have been following up with those who marked their cards since the event.

On behalf of all of us at LHCC,

J. Eugene Miller
Lead Pastor

Ken Bauhof
Event Coordinator


Feedback from speaking in WV, uploaded March 31, 2012 to Field and Stream:

I don’t know how many people received the Dec.2011- Jan.2012 Special issue of Field Stream. I did not but am trying to get a copy. Tonight I went to a wild game dinner at one of the local churches. They have one every year and the first year they had it I was the guest speaker. This year the guest speakers were Mark and Dan Witt. Hopefully the names ring a bell for the article that they had in the special issue of Field and Stream called “Mistaken Identity” about their Father getting killed deer hunting when Dan was 14 and Mark was 12. After introducing myself as a retired Conservation Officer and relating my experiences of investigating over 15 fatalities of deer hunters we had a chance to talk before the dinner. These two men are two of the most remarkable men that I have ever met. They have traveled all over the US and Canada telling their story of losing their Father in the negligent shooting and struggling with the loss and blaming God and then coming to grips with the tragedy and dedicating their lives to God and delivering the message all over the country. Their Father was a high school teacher and a lay minister and they now are following in their Father’s footsteps. They talk about how their Dad taught them to hunt and fish and to love and respect the outdoors and many of life’s lessons but the most important thing that their Dad taught them was to introduce them to a man called Jesus Christ. If you ever get the opportunity to hear the Witt brothers speak it is well worth your time to go listen. Oh and they talk about deer hunting too.



Mark and Dan visited our church recently and shared a powerful story of how God has been working in their lives in the years since the hunting accident of their father. In both the Sportsman’s conference and the traditional Sunday services, the word was interwoven into their story and their general presentation. It was an amazing service as Mark brought the message of Christ in a powerful way that challenged all listeners. Non-believers were invited into a personal relationship with Christ and believers were encouraged to rededicate their lives to Christ. I highly recommend these two men and their ministry. Their message is presented in an easy to listen to and follow manner. Their appeal is to sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike. Above all, the focus is not them, but instead their heavenly Father and their message is supported by scriptural truth throughout.

First Baptist Church, Fayetteville, TN


Mark and Dan Witt were with us for our annual Wild Beast Feast here at Liberty Bible Church in Eureka, Illinois. We were so blessed not only by their story, but also by their personal testimony and the way that they clearly shared the gospel with over 350 people. We saw many souls saved that night, and also had many re-commitments to Christ. God was honored, and souls were added to His kingdom. I look forward to what God is going to do through their story. It was a great reminder that God doesn’t make mistakes. I would highly recommend them to others, and appreciate their faithfulness in sharing their faith, and the faith of their father with others. To God be the glory!

Pastor Dan Waller
Associate Pastor
Liberty Bible Church Eureka, Illinois


On behalf of our church family and the many guests we had in attendance Sunday I would like to thank you for your service to our Lord. Not only were the lost drawn to Christ through your testimony and the sharing of Scripture, but many believers were reminded that we all have a story to tell. I have heard many wonderful praises from our church family. The parents appreciated the Children’s message that Dan shared with them. Anytime parents see their children being taught God’s truths on a level they can understand parents are appreciative. I heard too that a few of our turkey hunters were reaching for their guns when Dan made those clucks. I was one of them!

Mark, I really appreciated your correct use of Scripture as you preached. Too often speakers take a verse out of context to make it say what they think it says or what they want it to say, but praise be to God you were right on with all your Scripture usage, as was Dan. Lastly, I would like to thank you for your hearts. It was a blessing to have you in my home and to have you speak to my sons with such compassion and concern for their lives. Our church family saw your passion for Christ and they saw your compassion for each of them. God was truly glorified and our body was truly edified.

Pastor Bill Brown
Lexington Community Church, Lexington, IL


We met last night to wrap up everything from our Wild Game Feed.  It was truly unanimous that everyone had been blessed with your message.  We had been praying for you both to speak whatever God put on your heart to speak and it was evident you did.  I have not heard one negative comment from anyone who I had talked to. Everyone was intent on what you both had to say. The Holy Spirit was moving mightily in the hearts of many. May your message be heard and received by many.  May you continue to be a blessing to those who may never shadow a church threshold but who would come to an event such as ours.  Thank you.  Not only to you but also to your families for sacrificing you both for this past weekend. May the Lord richly bless and keep you!

Lyle Kunze
First Reformed Church,  Oostburg, WI

I have been telling people that I took a chance when I booked you to speak and boy am I glad that I took that chance. We were blessed to have you with us. Pastor Wayne and I talked yesterday and we commented on how quiet it was while you were speaking–and that during the middle of cold and flu season. It was like you could feel the Spirit working. Your clear presentation of the plan of salvation was wonderful. It must have been too clear because it sparked a conversation that Pastor Wayne had with someone. This person has been heavily influenced by a co-worker who is a Seventh Day Adventist and that person was advocating that salvation comes by Jesus plus something. They also had a distorted view of hell. Please extend my thanks to your wives and families for letting you be with us and thank you for allowing God to work through you.

Brian Taylor
First Reformed Church–Oostburg, WI

We are still seeing results from your time here with us. We have been doing sportsmen outreaches for almost 20 years and many thought the message you brought was the most powerful we have ever had. Besides the many commitments to Christ and numerous rededications, I have just completed a follow-up Bible study with people that came to the dinners. The study was scheduled for four weeks but we had to extend it two more due to popularity. We averaged 20 people each night. It was exciting to share the Word with eager and new students.

I know we will continue to see additional results. Several new people are attending BBC because of the outreach and just this past Sunday a man approached after the service and told me he was visiting because of what he heard at the sportsman’s dinner. He said he has a ton of spiritual questions and made an appointment to meet with me to discuss them. How great is that? The Lord is definitely using the Witt boys.

Berean Bible Church, PA

Last month we were privileged to have Mark & Dan Witt as our guest speakers at our second annual Beast Feast. They did an excellent job of sharing their story, but more importantly of sharing the Gospel. They connected with the crowd through the presentation of the story of their family’s tragedy and then were able to clearly lay out the plan of salvation. As a result we had 12 first time commitments made as well as 49 recommitments. The evening was a tremendous success and the Witt’s were the best speakers we could have possibly wished for. We would recommend Mark & Dan Witt to any church or group that wants a clear presentation of the gospel that is relevant to a hunting culture.

Hyde-Wesleyan Church, PA

I am so glad I decided to go to Truth and The Outdoors and got to listen and meet you. It still amazes me as to all the people that said the prayer to be saved during your seminar on Saturday. I now know God will take care of things and everything will work out for the best. I have been praying for as you are touching so many lives.

Truth and the Outdoors Expo, MO

I saw you this Saturday at Truth and the Outdoors in St. Clair, Missouri. I also came to your sermon on Sunday morning. I wanted to tell you again how great you guys did. It was a wonderful experience. I could definitely feel God’s presence. It amazes me how many lives you are touching. I hope I get to see you again sometime. I told your story to several people and handed out several of your booklets. I read the booklet myself last night, very moving. I have a couple copies at work and passing them around. I am currently going through some tough times, but I know everything will work out, God will guide me. I wanted to thank you for the prayers.

Truth and the Outdoors Expo, MO

We had a meeting at church last night – I had the pleasure of watching and listening to nine men remember your message in detail. Some of the comments: “I loved the part about the 18 inches, I hadn’t heard that before” and “When I mentioned to my friend who was here Saturday that I had a Deacon’s meeting tonight, he told me you’re not going to get to heaven that way”. My neighbor commented to me on the phone yesterday that yours is the best testimony he has ever heard. He has already shared your story with a friend and his son. He asked me for two more reprints so he can continue to share with his friends. We were blessed to have y’all share your testimony at Ebenezer. Many, many thanks. I pray that God continues to use you to reach the unsaved and to inspire the saved to serve.

Ebenezer Baptist Church, VA

Mark and Dan recently spoke at our sportsman’s banquet and I would recommend them to anyone who is planning such an event to reach out to the lost in their community. Mark and Dan shared their story and God’s story on a Saturday night with over 200 at our banquet and we saw 23 attendees give their lives over to Jesus Christ and another 43 people rededicate their lives to the Lord. Mark and Dan also brought the message on Sunday morning and another 15-20 people were gloriously saved. God is using these men in an awesome way to reach people for the kingdom of heaven. If you are planning such an event at your church, let me just say, your event will not be complete without Mark and Dan Witt.

Pastor Tracy Smith
Rocky Hock Baptist Church
Edenton, NC

Feedback from Mark speaking at Westminster Christian Academy,
Fellowship of Christian Athletics Breakfast:

I was blessed by his message so much that I retold it in 7 different class periods for those who missed it. I took notes while he was speaking and tried to get the story as close as possible. I even broke the silence with a “clap” like he did. That seemed to get their attention and brings a solemnest to the thought of how quickly we pass from here to there. The presentation went well – I thank the Lord for him and his family. Thank him for me.

Student – Renee’

I thought he was great. I was telling my son (David) about him. I told David that he needed to get him to speak at Whitesburg’s FCA or Whitesburg’s Youth group. His message was so easy to understand. I love the background that he brought with him. I thought the students were very attentive. I loved the way he shared the gospel. I thought it was wonderful that he brought them a (gift) book to read to help them know what to do now after they have prayed the prayer to accept Christ. I love the way he allowed them to interact with him (ex. Him asking them questions and letting them answer). I was blessed by his testimony. He is Not Ashamed! He is real and genuine and he has a Story to tell. I love how he shared how his children use the gospel track out in public. That told the students how they can share the gospel.

Student – Brenda

The day Mark spoke at our school, there was a tremendous difference in the students who attended the FCA breakfast that morning. I, too, shared his story with my 75 7th graders so everyone of them could hear his story of hurt and healing which resulted in the spreading of the Gospel in a way that was able to be understood by all who heard. His testimony is one that really sticks with you. Mark had brought 25 of his Plan of Salvation booklets with him and as we were packing up, there was 1 copy left. As we were closing the storage bin, a young man walked in with a friend and asked if there was another book remaining. His friend was afraid to come down alone but really wanted to know what to do to be saved so he asked a buddy to go back in the gym with him to get a book. I will never forget watching those two young men walking back to class ~ my guess, they were talking about Jesus.

Teacher – Kim

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