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Welcome to Following Our Father Ministry


In December 2011, Field and Stream magazine featured the story of Walter Witt’s tragic death during a hunting trip with his sons, Dan and Mark. The award-winning article, ‘Following Our Father’ tells about the heartbreaking hunting accident and how it impacted the lives of both Dan and Mark but also started the brothers on a journey that has taken them on speaking engagements throughout most of the United States and into Canada.


They have had the opportunity to share their personal stories but more importantly share their faith and the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Following Our Father Ministries was launched as a result of the Field & Stream article and both Mark and Dan have spoken at Big Game dinners, men's conferences, schools, prisons, military events, churches, and Sunday school classes where they have witnessed the transforming power of the gospel as many have placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.   


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Mark Witt

Dan Witt

Dan and Mark were born in the small town of Meyersdale, PA.  Their parents, Walter and Cathy
Witt had 4 children that included an older and a baby sister.  Mark and Dan were very close
growing up and at early ages, enjoyed time with dad fishing or to the woods on a hunting
adventure.  During Mark's 1st deer hunt at the age of 12, Dan was 14, their dad was tragically
killed in a hunting accident, an event that would change and impact each family member’s life
forever.  In spite of the hunting accident, both Mark and Dan continued to hunt and grow in their
love for the outdoors and sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.
Mark met and married his wife Carla 35 years ago and they have three children - a daughter
that is 21 and a son and daughter who are both 17. He was employed with the Department of
Defense for 30+ years before retiring in August 2019 and is now in the ministry full time as an
Evangelist. Mark speaks at prisons, schools, nursing homes and Wild Game dinners around
the US and Canada.
Dan has been married to his wife, Donna for more than 35.  They have two adult sons, Hunter and Cody, who are both married.  Hunter and Angela have 3 sons, Kyler, Kaden and Kohen.  Cody and Ryan have a daughter, Colsenn and a son, Canyon.  “Grandkids are the best!”   Dan is the County Administrator in Charlotte County, Virginia and has spent over 30 years working in local government. 

Both Mark and Dan became Christians as a result of their dad’s witness. Mark was saved at the
age of five and Dan at age seven.  Both have been involved in various ministries within their
churches.  Mark has served as a deacon, taught Sunday school and youth classes for many
years.  He has also taught Vacation Bible School and has been a Camp Counselor.   His one
true passion is sharing the good news of the gospel of Christ! Dan has served at a deacon, leader in the men's outdoor ministry, a Sunday school teacher and youth leader in his home church, Hyland Heights Baptist Church, where he has been a member for more than 30 years.   
‘Following our Father’, the feature article in the Dec11/Jan12 Field and Stream
magazine, details the account of the hunting accident and the journey that resulted.   Ultimately
God used this tragedy and opportunities to share their story, faith, forgiveness and most
importantly the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “We both love the outdoors and we
both love to share our faith!  What better way to have the best of both worlds - sharing our faith
with folks who have the same passion for hunting and experiencing the beauty of God’s
incredible outdoor creations.”






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